Everything You Need to Know About the JNU Incident

Everything You Need to Know About the JNU Incident

Ravish Kumar opened his Prime Time show with an insightful view on Nationalism. Translated from Hindi and summarised, that sentiment would be:

A person who has never read about it or is oblivious to the concept, claims to know everything about it.

Indeed, this view aptly reflects the present chaos on nationalism in the country. Continue reading “Everything You Need to Know About the JNU Incident”


Santa-Banta: Could they die?

Santa-Banta: Could they die?

It’s a scary prospect to consider — the death of a beloved fictional character. However, in case of Santa-Banta, it may happen. More than 5000 websites, print and other media publishing jokes on Santa-Banta could be banned!

The news comes following the report that the Supreme Court of India has accepted a public interest litigation (PIL) which seeks a ban on jokes on the Sikh (Sardars) community. Continue reading “Santa-Banta: Could they die?”

Weeks #4 and #5: Dissent and Deceit

Weeks #4 and #5: Dissent and Deceit

November 23 to November 29, 2015. Week #4.
November 30 to December 06, 2015. Week #5.

The Big National News

“It’s your privilege that I tolerate you.”

This seems to be the new YOLO. People losing their shit over some screwed up interpretation of a very fundamental founding principle of civilised society – coexistence.

What the hell are you talking about?

Well, if, in the past fortnight, you didn’t once come across the word “intolerance” then you are definitely on the wrong website. Go watch Bigg Boss.

This is what has happened. Aamir Khan said his wife feels threatened sometimes and wondered if they should move out of India. That’s it. That was it! The media went full retard.


A complaint was lodged with the Delhi Police (obviously, because that’s the solution) against Aamir over the remarks. Meanwhile, hundreds of activists of the Hindu Sena on Tuesday staged a loud demonstration outside Khan’s residence in Mumbai against his statement on intolerance. They were detained by the police and security beefed up around Aamir’s house.

Further stoking the ongoing debate on the rising intolerance in the country, BJP parliamentarian Yogi Adityanath said that people were free to leave as it will reduce the country’s population.

That’s right. Mr Yogi has found the solution to India’s population problem: emigration in ones and twos.

Read the full report here.

Meanwhile, Chennai continued to drown.


Things have gotten worse in the Tamil Nadu Capital as rains have returned with no signs of relief in sight.

Floods in Chennai

For the first time in history, all three wings of the Indian Armed Forces have had to coordinate and work in tandem against an internal disturbance.


That’s the airport for you. Looks more like a shipyard, innit?

Read Quartz India’s report on Why Chennai Keeps Going Underwater?

Other National News

The tech-savvy PM.

Our Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi ji prides himself in his ability to use the technology. But this time he went a step too far. Press Information Bureau of India (PIB), released this image of the PM surveying the Chennai floods:

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 8.32.36 PM.png

Turns out, the image was FAKE!! The Twitterati found it and called out the PIB on it. And the internet being the internet, went tizzy spoofing it.Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 8.41.30 PM.png

So much so that even the Wall Street Journal picked it up.

A New Chief Justice.

Supreme Court judge T S Thakur was sworn in as 43rd Chief Justice of India. Justice Thakur took over from Justice H L Dattu who retired on Wednesday.

Speaking of, the Supreme Court on Friday asked the Centre to examine if social networking sites like Facebook and WhatsApp can be prosecuted for use of their platforms to circulate offensive and vulgar material but turned down a plea to block the sites.

So your social media is safe, for now! Read more.

International News

Paris Climate Conference, 2015, a.k.a. COP21

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 9.30.40 PM

COP21, will, for the first time in over 20 years of UN negotiations, aim to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, with the aim of keeping global warming below 2°C.

The world leaders are grappling with a problem they are nowhere near solving: how to ensure a future that keeps the planet’s climate livable. One week in, there are reasons to be very worried—and some hopeful notes.

The talks have rolled over huge potholes on the road to change. Coal power plants are still being built apiece. Big sources of emissions, like the meat industry, are absent from negotiations. And climate-change skeptics are finding sneaky new ways to derail progress.


Paris marks the first time all countries—not just developed ones—have been truly involved in the emission-cutting process. That’s thrown up the problem of fairness: in order to grow their economies, countries like India plan to use vastly more energy in coming years. That means more emissions—but why should they limit the prospects of their people to balance rich nations’ carbon debt?

Things still look deeply gloomy for many. Kiribati, a low-lying island nation in the central Pacific, faces the need to relocate 100,000 people, as rising sea levels flood homes and contaminate water. Some say it’s already too late to prevent the people of such states becoming “climate refugees.”

International meetings on emissions have a patchy record. But things are being done better this time. Nations submitted their plans ahead of the conference, rather than at it. The meeting is more effectively organized; leaders made a diplomatic show at the start rather turning up at the end to broker last-ditch deals. Will it be enough? In one more week, we might know.

Hot on the Internet

OnePlus Two goes invite-less.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturing company has finally gotten rid of its invite-only purchase policy. On the brink of its second anniversary, OnePlus has scrapped the ‘invite’ requirement for the OnePlus 2 smartphone. Starting next week, the phone becomes open to public.

Oh! And the Game of Thrones Season 6 Teaser is OUT!!!

This Shit is Weird

Seeing as this post is already very long, I had almost decided to skip this section. But then I found this brand new video from PSY. (Remember Gangnam Style?). The video is not even a week old and it’s already been viewed close to 30 million times!

Well, now you know where he got it from!!

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