What it is —

India Last Week is a weekly newsletter.

We publish one post every weekend and hope to bring the crux of the most important news in the past week to the reader in a distilled format. Something you can read in just 10 minutes and get up to date with what is happening.

What it is not —

India Last Week is not an opinion blog. We try and keep our opinions and rants to our personal blogs.

We do not take a stand, we just report.

Having said that, though, some things are so blatantly wrong that it is hard to stay neutral!

Where it comes from —

The youth of our country are interested in the news but are unable to get relevant information due to various reasons. Mostly because of lack of time. India Last Week was started as a solution to that.

10 minutes a week, every Sunday, and you can catch up with all the things worth knowing from the past week.

The Skimm, coupled with On Air with AIB and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver were the inspiration behind this blog. We are hoping it will turn out to be a combination of the three, set to the Indian context.


Welcome to India Last Week. Let’s get you aware.