November 16 to November 22, 2015. Week #3

The Big National News

Over the week, a massive flood engulfed the city of Chennai, bringing life to a standstill. Over a 100 dead and over 12000 people evacuated. (Full report)

How did it happen?

After three days of intermittent rainstorms, Chennai records 245 mm of rain. The Chennai Meteorological Department had been forecasting the onset of a harsh monsoon for the last two months. When it did arrive no one quite believed it was happening.

So it was Nature’s fault!

Not quite.

Over the years, water bodies across the city have been filled up and built upon, often by politicians with interests in the real estate business, say environmentalists. The result:  During incessant rains, water overflows and floods the city.

And this was not the first time either. After the Tsunami moment in 2004, floods due to the monsoon/human causes came in 2005, 2010, 2013 and now 2015.

How did I miss it?

Like the hook of an out-of-form batsman, the floods were terribly timed.

“In the wake of the horrors recorded by and on the international networks about the terror strikes in Paris, Chennai’s ordeal is irretrievably local. In a city of five million, or thereabouts, a hundred dead, or thereabouts, does not warrant too much media space.” Says Geeta Doctor in this first person account of the disaster.

How are the people doing?

Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has sought help from the Army to launch relief and rescue on a war footing.

Nine National Disaster Response Force teams are working in Tamil Nadu, besides state teams.

As many areas in Chennai have been inundated, road traffic has been severely hit and schools and colleges have been ordered to remain closed till Tuesday. Boats are being used in flooded areas to rescue stranded people.

Schools and colleges in Chennai, Thiruvallur and Kancheepuram have been ordered to remain closed till further notice. Anna University has postponed exams scheduled to take place from November 16-18.

And of course, you can now order an Ola Boat in Chennai!

Click here for more photos.

Other National News

Seventh Pay Commission

The Seventh Pay Commission on Thursday recommended an increase in pay and allowances of 23.55%, a 24% rise in pensions and one-rank-one-pension for central government employees and paramilitary personnel. These changes are estimated to cost an extra Rs 1.02 lakh crore to the government in 2016-17.

Why? Because the government employees need to be fairly compensated for the work they are not doing!


New Missiles in the Arsenal 

The nuclear-capable surface-to-surface Agni-IV missile successfully test-fired by the Indian Army from newly named Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Island off the Odisha coast.

Capable of hitting a target at a distance of 4,000 km, the missile is equipped with 5th generation onboard computer and distributed architecture. It has the latest features to correct and guide itself for in-flight disturbances.

International News

Paris Blasts continue to be the hot topic of discussion in the international space. Things are getting really heated up now with Russia continuously bombing Syria.

Note: A special post covering the Paris Blasts exclusively is coming soon.

This Shit is Weird

You think your name is not fine?

The internet won yet again when it found a guy called “Phuc Dat Bich”. No seriously, that’s his real name!

Read the full story here.

Also, you know the world is losing it when Oxford Dictionary names an “emoji” the  Word-of-the-Year!!

Hot on the Internet

Recreating History

A team of Greek architects, engineers, and archeologists have come up with an ambitious plan to recreate the iconic Colossus of Rhodes as a brand new construction project, using twenty-first century standards, techniques, and technologies.

Rather than standing one hundred feet tall, their proposed Colossus would tower nearly five times as high—almost five hundred feet—and contain a cultural center, library, exhibition hall, and lighthouse to look out over the Rhodes harbor.

Read more about this wonderful project.

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