November 1 to November 7, 2015. Week #1

The Big National News

Chotta Rajan is apprehended in Indonesia.

Real name Rajendra Nikalje (no wonder he wanted an alias)

WANTED since 27 years in India for over 70 cases of murder, drug trafficking and extortion (basically he is a seasoned all-rounder)

Rajan and Dawood were close aides until they fell out after the 1993 Mumbai blasts, which Dawood was accused of masterminding. There have been several attempts on Rajan’s life by Dawood’s gang-members. (If you are wondering where you heard this before? Once Upon a Time in Mumbai!!)

Rajan says he’ll cooperate with RAW and give up Dawood if offered a reduced sentence. (Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, Dobara!!)

Sanjay Gupta to make a film on him; Chotta Rajan will be played by Abhishek Bachchan. (Don’t bother waiting for it. It’s gonna suck!)

Other National News


Image from Twitter

Bihar Elections: BJP loses another high-profile Assembly Election. Nitish Kumar will continue to be Bihar’s CM (for a third term); this time heading a coalition government (JDU+). 

Railway Tickets: Railway doubles cancellation fees. No Refund after the departure of the train. New rules effective Nov 12. Read more here.

IND vs SA First Test: The match ended on the third day itself. The track turned like our politicians after elections and Indian spinners had a blast while the Proteas bundled out a 108 runs short of the target. Good times! Full Scorecard.

International News

Last week, a Russian plane crashed over Egypt.

Russian officials initially said the plane broke up in midair, and that it was most likely a technical failure. But then this morning, the airline said the crash was probably caused by an “external influence.”

Meanwhile, a militant group connected to ISIS claimed responsibility, saying it was payback for Russian airstrikes in Syria. But Russian and Egyptian officials are saying ‘doubt it,’ since that group isn’t thought to have the kind of weapons needed to carry out this attack.

Read the full report on TheSkimm

This Shit is Weird

UN learns from our BJP MPs: 

Staff at the United Nations downloaded and shared child porn, transported roughly 380 pounds of weed in an office vehicle, and repeatedly threatened each other with murder, according to an annual report on disciplinary matters issued by the international organization.  Such Wow, Much Amaze!

Hot on the Internet:

You must have seen the hashtag #NaNoWriMo. It’s short for National Novel Writing Month, that is November. Every year, writers across the globe sit down to challenge themselves to complete a novel in just a month. This month.

You maybe a week late, but better late than never! So bring out that old typewriter from the attic and type away!!

That’s it for this week. See you next Sunday. And don’t forget to subscribe!!


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